Our Services

Vivian Group Services include:

  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Organisational Capacity Assessment & Planning
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Market Research
  • Economic Research
Business and Strategic Planning

The Vivian Group provides strategic planning services. Strategic planning helps organisations to set priorities, establish common organisational goals, coordinate and focus resources. Strategic planning drives alignment and helps simplify decision making. The Vivian Group also assists not-for-profit organisations in their development planning. Establishing the policies, structures and processes and other soft infrastructure associated with development and fundraising functions.

Organisational Capacity Assessment & Planning

Organisational capacity assessments (OCA) help entities address two essential needs, capacity building and operational effectiveness. Organisational capacity encompasses the wide range of capabilities, knowledge, and resources that organisations need to be effective. We develop organisational capacity assessment tools (OCAT) that are unique to each client. The assessment process helps clients prioritise and plan capacity strengthening needs across their most important functional areas.

Executive Recruitment

We approach executive recruitment with one prevailing aim in mind, finding the best fit. We amass a pool of the best qualified and from that pool our focus is fit. Beyond the box-checking of a defined job description, our searches revolve around an “Ideal Candidate Profile”. A profile that reflects the most important needs and aspirations of the organisation in the near and medium-term, organisational culture and the institutional vision that drives the everyday mission

Market Research
Market Research is essential to the business planning process. Vivian Group services aim to help clients better understand trends and developments related to markets that affect them, or products, services, programmes and projects associated with their firm. We are thorough in our information gathering and are committed to providing comprehensive and useful analyses. Tools that we use for primary information gathering have included, focus groups, telephone surveys, online surveys, event surveying, in-depth and short interviews.
Economic Research
Through economic research, we’re able to promote a better understanding of how the economy works. Our focus primarily is in the field of economic development. In terms of scope, economic development involves processes and policies by which nations improve the economic, political and social well-being of their people. The Vivian Group goal is to provide our clients with economic analyses that offers a robust conceptual and empirical basis for policy-making.

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